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Learn some Georgian

Georgian Language

Kartuli (Georgian) is an official language in Georgia. Some of the words sound like a caveman’s speech, due to ancient roots, but nevertheless the language is so melodic. It is spoken in all regions, however Megrelians, Svans, and Abkhazians have their own languages as well. There is another Kartvelian language spoke by Laz people – ethnic Georgians living on the territory of modern Turkey. Georgian is a truly unique language.
  • Most of the words end with the letter “i” (transcript /i/);
  • The language is completely gender-neutral (no “he” and “she” pronouns here);
  • There are no articles (a, an, the, etc.);
  • The verb usually incorporates the personal pronoun, tense, and sometimes even direction (“I am going away” would be one single word; “they have arrived” would also be one single word);
  • Sometimes you can find as much as 8 consonant sounds in a row in one word;
  • In Georgian, there are 10 letters that don’t exist in English and among them 6 sound like no sound in the English language;

Unique language needs its own unique system of writing. If you would like to learn Georgian Language, you should visit this great webpage: Learn Georgian Alphabet. Probably every single Georgian takes pride in the nation’s exceptional alphabet. Locals might tell you that letters resemble the shape of vine or that each letter has a circle as a base. You might also be told that Georgian alphabet was created by an Armenian scholar or that it was influenced by Greek alphabet. No matter what, the following are facts:


  • Georgian alphabet dates back to as far as III century B.C.;
  • It is a unique alphabet created specifically for the Georgian language;
  • Georgian alphabet is called Anbani (“Ani” and “Bani” are the first two letters);
  • It has 33 letters;
  • There are no capital letters;

Good news is that most of the street signs, restaurant menus, name boards of popular locations, and even outdoor advertisements will feature English translation, so you won’t have to bother learning Georgian letters, unless you feel the urge.

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