Why Armenia? Discover & Fall in Love!

Why Armenia? Discover & Fall in Love!


Armenia is a country with ancient history and rich cultural heritage. A country older than Noah, Egyptian pharaohs and Roman gladiators.

Armenia will impress you with a correlation of prudently preserved traditions, inheriting from generating to generating and modern, progressive lifestyle.

From the very first moments of your stay in Armenia, you will be exposed to smiles and warm greeting of people, open and happy to see you there. They will exhibit a nice welcome, treat with lavash and cheese, homemade wine and fresh, yummy fruits. And, certainly will share many interesting facts about their country.

Trip to Armenia will help you discover an amazing world of variable nature, where you would see desert flat lands, green plains, rocky cliffs, wild woods and mountains; mountains that will call and lead you to eternity.

Tours and excursions around Armenia will help you discover old monasteries and temples, that are harmonically associated with the beauty of local nature and landscapes. You will feel and experience spirit and warm of one of the ancient nations of our planet touch every stone and stepping on every single path. The energy of sun beams will accompany you throughout all your stay in Armenia.

The capital of Armenia, Yerevan, often referenced as a heart of the country has deserved a special attitude. After all, the capital is one of the oldest cities of our world. One of the specific features of Yerevan is a tuff building presence, an essential component for most architectural constructions. Tuff is a volcanic stone, and mainly thanks to its color, the capital is also referenced as a “Rose City”. Particularly from Yerevan, you can enjoy an amazing view to Biblical Mount Ararat.

Multiple tours to Armenia will let you discover the country thoroughly, and love it sincerely. You will certainly be enriched with unforgettable emotions and unperishable emotions.

You will always remember a trip to Armenia, and would love to return there again and again, because this place will make you feel real home and paradise!

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