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Why Israel? 12 Reasons Why You Should Visit Israel

Why Israel? 12 Reasons Why You Should Visit Israel


Fantastic Israel Sea Beaches
The most beautiful and extended sea border of Israel with sea is the Mediterranean Sea. Starting from the seashores of Tel Aviv to the cliffs of Acre in the north side, and almost all of Israel’s coastline is stunning and very accessible. With an abundance of fresh fish to eat and countless sites to enjoy the sunset, Israel’s beaches are extremely attractive and one of its most inviting features.

Israel’s Rich History and Cultural Heritage
The land of contemporarily Israel has seen it all; from the Bible to the Crusaders to the Ottoman Empire, this is how Israel was founded. The Cities of Jerusalem, Jaffa and Lod are among the oldest in the world, and travelling to Israel is a great chance for you to visit all of its historical sites, as old as history itself. Almost everything from Roman ruins to Amish-like German “Templar” villages, discovering Israel enables you to experience of history from the comforts of the modern world.

Holy Jerusalem and Capital Tel Aviv
Holy to all three monotheistic faiths and religions, Jerusalem is unlike many other cities in the world. Its cobblestoned streets have seen many great momentous events in the world history. Its Old City is a melting pot of religions and ethnicities, a shell for all of a strange coexistence, and the city as a whole, offering something for everyone, with everything from religious sites like the The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, not limited by the cool of Mahne Yehuda market.
Tel Aviv, with a booming foodie scene, vibrant night life, and sufficient style to make you reconsider your fashion choices, Tel Aviv is perhaps one of the coolest cities in the Middle East, if not the world, nowadays. From great restaurants to amazing architecture, Israel’s geopolitical and cultural capital is everything you’d hope to see from a Western capital — but with Middle Eastern feel.

Food and Culture of Israel
From amazing street food falafel or sabich to jummy local eats as hummus and shakshuka to the finest fine dining you can imagine — Israel has it all. Both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv offer countless amazing places to eat, from local Arab to fine Asian. Head to any Arab town to try some basbousaor another super-sweet Arabic dessert, or just go to Acre’s Old City and try some fresh fish straight out of the sea.
From artisan markets of Tel Aviv to live shows on Jerusalem’s streets or a unique international design museum, Israel has a exciting cultural scene accommodating everyone. Tel Aviv has started to host it’s a famous fashion week event, which also combines numerous film festivals, social interactions and cultural events all over the Israel capital.

Why are Israelis considered the most Amazing People
An amazing and varying group of people, Israelis come in different characters and forms: You would see many Jews whose grandparents migrated back to Israel from Europe or North Africa, Muslim or Christian Arabs identifying themselves as Palestinians. Old or young, religious or nonspiritual, an average Israeli citizen is kind and will help you out with anything you might need during your travel, always ready with a reference and advice.

Diverse Landscape of Israel
Like its food and the people, Israel is extremely diverse geographically. In the south area the Negev Desert and the barren Arava, home to the Dead Sea, ending in the Red Sea resort town of Eilat.
Jerusalem has greenery and mountains, while Tel Aviv is a humid see beach city. At the north of the country, the Golan Heights would even offer skiing and other snow type resort amusements, and in between the Israeli land, the Galilee and Carmel mountains are located, full of picturesque forests and amazing landscapes. From swamps to lakes, craters to mountains, Israel has got it all, everything.

Famous Dead Sea, the Lowest Point in the World
There is a site that has a different altitude than all others in Israel: it is The Dead Sea. The lowest point on the earth, which is the lowest geographical altitude, the Dead Sea that is a unique and mystical place for a worldly person to visit. The massive emptiness of its salt beds and the waterless mountains surrounding the sea, make one feel being detached on a different planet. The mud baths can do all wonders for a traveler’s skin and believed to have healing powers.

A Land Where Jesus Christ Lived and Walked
Whether you are religious or not, the land of Israel is the cradle of all three monotheistic faiths and religions. Pilgrims from across the world gather here all year round. Israel is a special place for all Christians of our plant, where everything is so enticing; from Bethlehem in the West Bank to Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee in the north. That place is believed by Christians to be the land where Jesus walked on the water. One can also follow last steps of Jesus by walking the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem.

An Island of Coexistence
Israel has always been a place with religious pressure. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful example of coexistence between people of different religions and ethnicities. Jews and Christians, Arabs and Israelis of European descent, and people from across the world came and established in Israel, making it their home for once and forever. A famous coexistence and tolerance in Israel is evident from Jaffa to Acre, all around the country.

Famous Bahia’s Hanging Gardens of Haifa
Bahia is one of smallest and lesser-known religions in Israel. Bahians believe that Israel is their birthplace, while the country is home to their holy sites, the most splendid of which are the “Terraces of the Bahá’í Faith”, or the Hanging Gardens of Haifa. An appealing powerhouse overlooking Haifa’s beach, the gardens are a must see for each traveler, and offer a unique opportunity to discover a secretive religion.

A Land with Spoken Hebrew
One can be confused when hearing the language; however, Israel is the only country where official Hebrew is spoken and is the actual country language. This is pretty remarkable as the language was unexpressed and out of non-religious use for almost 2,000 years. However, Israelis have struggled to recreate their dormant language, adding new words for everything from television and internet to everyday modern words; for example commute (in Hebrew, yomiyut, which combines the Hebrew words for day and moving to sound like the English word ‘commute’).

Tel Aviv – Probably the most liberal City in World
Israel is famously liberal, with Tel Aviv acting as an unofficial gay capital in Middle East. The most famous singer, Dana International, is a transgender women who has represented Israel in official competitions, winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998. To imagine how liberal and friendly Tel Aviv is, enough to know that the capital does not practice gay bars anymore.

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