Customs and Traditions of Armenia

Customs and Traditions of Armenia

Every nation has its own national traditions related with the outside world, local culture, lifestyle and interpretation of things and events. These traditions have been established long ago and were undergone changes and additions throughout the centuries.

A significant part of Christian traditions comes from faith and the various miraculous stories related to religion; “Noah’s Ark”, “Khor Virap”, “Holy Echmiadzin” Tradition related to kings and emperors of ancient times, warriors and Biblical figures have behavioral nature. The legendary stories are related to the famous Christian monuments: Etchmiadzin, Zvartnots, Khor Virap, Geghard, Karmravor, Kecharis, Arakelots, and others. Not only locals, but tourists visiting Armenia are well aware that the aforementioned monuments are located near Yerevan, and that they can easily go and visit those monuments in a day or two-days trips.

The first nation that adopted Christianity as a State religion in the world, Armenians, are extremely sensitive to Christian holidays. Those are; January 6, “The Resurrection and April the 7the, Easter”, “Vardavar on June the 8th, Transfers”, August 12, “The Revolution of the Holy Cross” The Blessed Virgin “and the September 10” Khachverats “. There are also intermediate ones that are more or less popular in nature. Sarkis, love, marriage, and more. Armenians are a traditional nation, it seems that they are waiting for celebratory holidays in every family, in some cases, and in the appropriate places. No matter how strange it is, these folk and Christian traditions are patriotic ideas. and most importantly, with the respect and love towards other nations.

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